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Establishd in 2006, Sitvanit Paragliding School stems from gaining necessary paragliding instruction as far back as 1994.

Sitvanit Paragliding School in Israel takes special consideration in retraining students from their intuitive instincts when flying.
By systematically teaching the student important flying habits from the onset of training, Sitvanit methodically provides the student with a new attitude and skills to achieve successful flying habits.

Sitvanit Paragliding School in Israel provides:

Instruction - Using the most comprehensive individual instruction for each student, we are implementing new and unknown methods.

Equipment - We incorporate the best and safest gliders in the market today.
We use DHV 1 gliders of leading manufacturer in the world. The harness and reserves are the safest money can buy. We replace our flying gear on regular basis to keep our entire equipment in the best shape at all times.

Radio Communication - Our students receive constant instruction from a built in ear set in the helmet, minimizing the chance of miscommunication in coach instructions.

Operation Manual - Accepted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel, Sivanit provides a complete operation manual outlining how we operate. Every aspect of running a paragliding school and club is covered in our manual. The operation manual includes all the regulations and instructions necessary to obtain a safe, reliable and professional conduct. Our operation manual also includes a syllabus outlining all the teaching material as well as set goals, in order for a student to achieve an adequate level of skill and knowledge.


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